Gluten Free Plain Bagels (4 Pack)

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45 day shelf life before product is opened

Hand crafted in a completely dedicated Gluten Free Bakery. Every loaf is baked with the finest ingredients to ensure the best flavor and outstanding texture our gluten free products are known for.

Shipping is free on orders of four or more products. You may mix and match or order multiple of the same product.


Enjoy That Great Bagel Taste and Texture Without the Gluten

Is gluten sensitivity and a love of bagels putting a damper on your mornings? Franz Gluten Free bagels are made with whole and ancient grains at a dedicated gluten free facility. Franz Gluten Free bagels have all the great taste and texture you’d expect from our traditional Franz bagels, without the gluten. The quality ingredients used to create our bagels are the secret to their great taste. Enjoy bagels again with our Franz Gluten Free line.

Enjoy A Gluten Free Bagel Made Simple

Made from simple ingredients, these great tasting bagels are free from artificial preservatives. More than just gluten free, there is no wheat, dairy, soy, or nuts in our bagels. By keeping seven of the top eight allergens (contains eggs) out of Franz Gluten Free bagels we have put bagels back on the menu for bagel lovers to enjoy.

Ordering, Enjoying and Storing Franz Gluten Free Bagels

Franz Gluten Free bagels are available online exclusively at If you’re looking for a great tasting, gluten free option to add to your morning routine, try our gluten free bagels with your favorite jam or cream cheese. All orders ship direct to your door with 100% free shipping (orders must include four items). Enjoy just like you would traditional bagels. Our special stay fresh packaging extends the shelf life without the use of artificial preservatives. The unique reduced oxygen packaging allows you to enjoy your Franz Gluten Free bagel straight from the bag to your table. No need to refrigerate or freeze your bagel, Franz Gluten Free bagels can be stored just like traditional bagels, on the shelf or kitchen counter, for five to seven days after opening.

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